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Running Affair Fitness and Wellness Journey Apps
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Healthy Lifestyle Journey App

Your Healthy Lifestyle Companion

The Healthy Lifestyle Journey App is a motivational resource that engages you to adopt and maintain a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

The primary outcome goal is to instill habits and skills in the "Whole Person" areas of fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, energy, and outlook in order to improve and sustain your overall health, fitness, and vitality.

This companion app is for general fitness and wellbeing for young adults through seniors and all skill levels. You have access to different Paths depending on your fitness and wellness profile and your near and long term goals.

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$119.00 per Year

  • Healthy Lifestyle Journey App
Running Community Journey App

Your Training and Sports Lifestyle Companion

Helping you focus on fitness, wellness, and sports training, including resources to enhance your passion for running, fitness, and a healthier lifestyle.

Supporting beginners to competitive athletes who run, interval run, or power walk as part of their fitness.

You have numerous Path choices and themes, such as a focus on the "Running Form" and "Balanced Nutrition for Better Performance".

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$119.00 per Year

  • Running Community Journey App
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